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Screen Actor's Workshop

The Workshop: The workshop will empower actors to develop their own method of screen acting.

If attending for the first time actors need to prepare an up to 60 second monologue. They will be filmed performing their monologue both as a Wide Shot and Close Up. We will watch this back and develop the piece through out the workshop until it is screen believable.

As you progress throughout the workshop we will expand to scenes with other actors and work on screen chemistry. The concept is that you as the actor will be empowered to evaluate your own acting and we will define what is honesty on screen.

Workshops will begin early 2020. Classes cost £35 per workshop.

Actor's Showreel Workshop

When you're starting out as an actor or even as an experienced actor you probably find yourself scratching around, chasing down producers for clips from scenes that you can use in a showreel; and yet every actor needs something to prove themselves prior to an audition. These scenes will be scripted to suit your skills as an actor.

 We run weekend workshops throughout the year, enquire to find out the next date available. We will book a large house in London, small professional crew and rehearse on the Saturday and shoot on the Sunday. The scenes will be edited into a showreel the following week. £250 per scene

Contact us if you are interested in the workshop.

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On Screen Workshop

Whether you are an actor, presenter or public speaker, you need to learn to relax on camera. This workshop will give you with the skills.

On a winter afternoon in West London director Linzy Attenborough will put you through the paces you need to be confident on camera. Throughout the workshop we will film you and watch back your performance, analysing what you could do better until you feel confident and ready for acting or presenting.

Next workshop 30th November 2019, book here:

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